So I decided to make my first piece from Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes; the Brigitte scarf.

Brigitte Scarf
Brigitte Scarf

I can’t remember what material the fabric is, but I picked it up from the remnants section from Abakhan, Manchester. It’s a beautifully soft navy and white silk blend or satin. I should have tested the fabric with my walking foot before constructing the scarf; but, I was too excited and just went ahead and sewed it with a regular needle and sewing foot.

Regular stitching can pucker delicate fabrics
Regular stitching can pucker delicate fabrics

I did find it tricky to work with such a delicate and slippery fabric. It dragged slightly under the pressure of the needle; but, luckily it turned out alright when I made a bit of tension by pulling it slightly as I guided it through. You live and learn!

A great tip is to invests in a mini iron and ironing board so that you can quickly press your seams as you go along without having to leave your sewing desk. Do test the heat though, and maybe use a cloth to protect your fabric if needed. Yes, I learned the hard way (I melted my first attempt – oops!).

Press at your desk!
Press at your desk!

I followed Tilly’s clear instructions from start to finish, and once I got over a few hiccups I was on my way to having a beautiful handmade accessory. The final step was to add a neat row of stitching to the opening after turning it inside out and giving it a good press:

Finishing stitches
Finishing stitches

So here is the finished scarf, looking slightly less glamorous on my head than it would on Brigitte Bardot:

Channeling Brigitte Bardot
Channeling Brigitte Bardot

Lessons learned from this make:

  • Use quality thread
  • Use a fine needle
  • Maybe use a walking foot next time
  • Test the heat of your iron to avoid melting beautiful fabric

Do you have any other tips for working with delicate fabrics?

Gros bisous!


[Soundtrack: ‘Moi je joue‘ by Brigitte Bardot]


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