Fifi Part 2: Columbia Hot Patootie Rainbow Shorts

Fifi Part 2: Columbia Hot Patootie Rainbow Shorts

Happy Halloween everyone!

For my Halloween outfit this year, I’m going to be dressing up as Columbia from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

A fancy dress shop provided me with the basics for the outfit (sequin bow tie, hat, fishnets and a wig). I already had a sequin jacket, but oddly enough I didn’t have a pair of rainbow shorts in my wardrobe.

To make the shorts, I decided to recycle some rainbow fabric that I had left over after I altered a vintage dress. It had been sitting in my fabric stash for a while – I knew I was saving it for something special! I then had an ‘ah-ha’ moment and decided to use it to make the shorts from my Fifi pattern.

Here they are, the little hot patootie hot pants! Aren’t they great!

Hot Patootie pants

To make a sparkly top I recycled this old skirt by cutting it in half and adding some thin elastic to the top edge.

Here’s the finished outfit – my handmade interpretation of the fabulous Columbia outfit!

Handmade Columbia outfit
Handmade Columbia outfit

Happy Halloween to you all, have fun and if you have made your own home-made outfits, please share! I’d love to see them.


Fifi Part 1: The Raspberry Ripple Effect

This is a funny story. I was on one of my Ikea trips, the kind where you get excited and throw everything in the basket, and then you almost faint when you see the total cost at the till. One of the items was a raspberry-patterned quilt cover, which I threw in the basket without checking the size. When I got it home and took it out of the packet, it was so big I nearly got lost in it!

Then, I remembered I know how to sew – yay! I adjusted the quilt cover to size and started to think about how I could put all the excess fabric to good use and make the best Ikea hack ever. I had just purchased Tilly and the Buttons’ Fifi pattern, and luckily I had just about enough fabric left over to make both pieces of the pyjama set.

Fifi Boudoir Set

I really enjoyed making this pattern; it was surprisingly easy and the process taught me a some new skills:

  • Cutting fabric on the bias to change the way the fabric hangs
  • French seams
  • Making bias binding

I am so pleased with the results: they are so feminine, flattering and comfortable to wear. It makes me so happy that I was able to take some scrap fabric and turn it into something so pretty and unique. I made it even more special by adding a heart-shaped button and a bow for added detail.

I even had enough fabric left over to make a matching eye mask! Free pattern here.

This mask is a little messy (I struggled to sew neat curves because the delicate fabric I used on the reverse side kept moving around) but I have plenty more left to have another go and maybe even make some for gifts!

Next project: Fifi Part 2 – my handmade Halloween outfit! I can’t wait to share it with you.