Zion Lion Pom Hats

Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!

Over Christmas, it was very rewarding for me to deliver handmade gifts to my family and friends. I had spent most of December knitting Zion Lion Pom hats by Wool and The Gang for people who I knew would really appreciate them.

I decided the first hat would be a test and one for me to keep 😉 . The knitting process itself was very easy and I really enjoyed working with the chunky yarn and 12mm giant needles. However, I felt the finished hat was a bit too long and slouchy for my liking. To create a more comfortable fit I decided to miss out 4 lines of stitches on the other hats, which seemed to work well.

The yarn I used is called Crazy Sexy Wool – 100% Peruvian wool. It is great to work with and has an amazingly soft texture.  The only trouble I had was when it came to fastening the hat together and tying the pom-pom on. I wanted to tie it securely but this risked snapping the yarn if pulled too tightly, so I did the best I could and just weaved in the loose ends.

Crazy Sexy Wool
Crazy Sexy Wool

The instructions provided with the kit were very clear and the tutorials provided on WATG’s website were useful for jogging my memory with the techniques I had forgotten.

I ended up making around 15 hats in different colours, and even ended up mixing and matching the yarn to have contrasting bands and pom-poms. I found that I needed around 2 balls of yarn to make 3 hats.

Zion Lion Pom Gifts

Every person who I gave a hat to was really impressed and appreciated the time I took to make them a handmade gift. Many of them asked me why I haven’t set up my own business selling my creations, which is a consistent piece of feedback I have been receiving for a while now. With a busy day job, it’s hard to find the time to churn out stock. Aside from that, I wouldn’t know where to start in terms of setting up a small business on the side. If anyone has any advice about how I could get involved with local craft fairs or selling on Etsy etc., then please let me know.

Here are some of the proud new owners of my hats all looking beautiful (although I’m not sure if Gizmo approves?!):

My Beautiful Friends Keeping Warm
My Beautiful Friends Keeping Warm- From top left to bottom right: Meghan, Becky, Liv (& Gizmo) and  Jen.

I look forward to a year full of crafts and, maybe, looking at to how I can start to sell some of my creations. Please get in touch if you can recommend and useful blog posts and websites that offer any guidance.

I look forward to sharing more of my creations with you soon!


Win a knitted turban headband!!!


Over the last few months I’ve been multi-tasking; watching my new favourite box sets OITNB and Girls whilst knitting simple turban headbands. An odd combination but yes, this is what I do in my free time.

Orange is the New Black



Modelled b ythe lovely Liv
Modelled by the lovely Liv

I can’t take the credit for the pattern; I found it here and it’s awesome; the cosy ribbed structure keeps my ears warm without giving me hat hair. If you want to make your own, you will need:

  • a small ball of double-knit wool
  • 6mm knitting needles
  • a great box set
  • a cup of tea/glass of wine*
  • chocolate.

* Optional. May impede stitch-counting abilities.

Orrrrr, I will send you one if you are the lucky winner of my first competition!!!

How it works:

  • To enter please share, like and comment on this post via twitter/facebook/bloglovin/wordpress and subscribe to my blog by entering your email address at the bottom of the page
  • The competition closes on 31st January 2015 at midnight and the winner will be selected at random
  • UK entries only sorry 😦
  • I’ve been making them for fun so I will contact the winner with a choice of colours
  • No money shall exchange hands so I am not infringing any copyright laws to my knowledge; just promotion for the cool pattern and a bit of shameless blog promotion for myself.

Good luck


Mine in purple


Learn to crochet and knit for a granny-chic twist on your wardrobe and home.

Hello creative kitties,

I have been feeling very inspired to improve my knitting and crochet skills after reading Granny Chic, which my dear sister Jade Barnes bought for me.

I mastered the basic stitches a few years ago after pestering my mum to teach me. Eventually her patience paid off and I’ve made a few projects since then. Nowadays I dedicate much more time to crafts, so it seems like a good time to share some of my experiences so far on my shiny new blog.

Yarn and book, needles and hook.
Yarn and book, needles and hook!

Some knitting and crochet patterns, such as the ones featured in Granny Chic, require you to have mastered the basic skills before attempting to make the projects. If you are a beginner, I would recommend that you dedicate time to learning the basics by investing in some supplies and a book for beginners. Also, follow free online tutorials such as :  learn to knit and learn to crochet. Then, like me, you will soon be able to move on to more advanced patterns like the crochet tea cosy made by a fellow craft blogger, which is featured in Granny Chic. I can’t wait to make this! Watch this space.

“So if you too have a fondness for vintage fabrics, yarny goodness and forgotten finds with a tale to tell, then this book will be your cup of tea.” Granny Chic.

Please don’t feel intimidated by the terminology and don’t be too quick to give up; with a bit of perseverance you’ll be knitting, purling and casting-off before you know it. Remember that crafts should be fun! I went along to a Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts show last year and ended up taking part in a knitting competition to find the person who could knit the most stockinette stitches in three minutes. Some of the older ladies had years of experience and sparks were coming off their needles! I didn’t come last, thankfully, but more importantly it was such good fun; it’s the taking part that counts.

Once you have grasped the basics, why not start with a really easy project like knitting a little hat for the Innocent Big Knit campaign? Innocent put the little donated hats on their juices and smoothies and share a percentage of the proceeds with Age UK. The doddle hat is a perfect for beginners. Here’s one I made earlier:

(Drum-roll please…)

My very 'doddle' hat!
My very first ‘doddle’ hat!

Or why not experiment with the basic stitches and design your own creations? I made this colourful and cosy snood by using 5mm knitting needles and a couple of balls of multicoloured double-knit yarn. I cast on stitches until I reached the desired width of my snood and then used a knit 2, purl 2 pattern to get a ribbed effect until I reached the right length before casting-off. I then used the same yarn and a darning needle to attach the two ends together, et voilĂ :

Knit 2, purl 2 snood
Knit 2, purl 2 snood

Or you could get festive and start making Christmas decorations by following patterns such as the ones featured in Twenty to Make Mini Christmas Knits? Here’s my attempt at making the heart tree decoration:

Blanket stitch tree heart
Blanket stitch tree heart

Finally, why not store your supplies in an eye-catching knitting bag? My mum made this one for me using retro floral-print thick linen and plastic handles purchased from a local haberdashery store. I stitched on the daisy chain trim to make it even lovelier.

Retro-inspired knitting bag
Retro-inspired knitting bag

I do hope you have enjoyed my insight to getting crafty with wool. Please feel free to share any tips and resources for improving in the comments section.

A très bientôt !