Rouge Coco Dress


I hope you are all having a good year so far and that your resolutions are going well! One of mine was to commit to my blog more, which of course goes hand in hand with working on more craft projects.

I can always rely on my sewing idol Tilly to provide me with some inspiration. I decided to create a sweatshirt dress using her Coco pattern with a little help from one of her recent blog posts ‘Emergency Winter Sewing‘.

This is my first Coco creation and my use of sweatshirt fabric has been a bit controversial. Personally I love it, but others have commented on my ‘unusual’ fabric choice. It is not too thick and the light fleece lining inside is just perfect for this time of the year, so who cares if it looks a bit bulky.

I followed Tilly’s advice and adjusted the foldable parts to account for the fabric’s shrinkable nature. I also decided to taper the shape of the skirt, as initially it looked triangular and frankly a bit too Star Trek-esque for my liking…

Not the look I was going for!
Not the look I was going for!

So here is the finished version, displayed in the form of two awkward selfies that hopefully depict the exaggerated 60s neckline and the tapered fit of the dress.

60s neckline
Tapered skirt

I really would recommend making one of these; I’m sat here snug and smug in the office, and the air conditioning is no longer a source of annoyance 🙂

Next up: a knitting post featuring my new favourite accessory; the turband! (turban headband).