Zion Lion Pom Hats

Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!

Over Christmas, it was very rewarding for me to deliver handmade gifts to my family and friends. I had spent most of December knitting Zion Lion Pom hats by Wool and The Gang for people who I knew would really appreciate them.

I decided the first hat would be a test and one for me to keep 😉 . The knitting process itself was very easy and I really enjoyed working with the chunky yarn and 12mm giant needles. However, I felt the finished hat was a bit too long and slouchy for my liking. To create a more comfortable fit I decided to miss out 4 lines of stitches on the other hats, which seemed to work well.

The yarn I used is called Crazy Sexy Wool – 100% Peruvian wool. It is great to work with and has an amazingly soft texture.  The only trouble I had was when it came to fastening the hat together and tying the pom-pom on. I wanted to tie it securely but this risked snapping the yarn if pulled too tightly, so I did the best I could and just weaved in the loose ends.

Crazy Sexy Wool
Crazy Sexy Wool

The instructions provided with the kit were very clear and the tutorials provided on WATG’s website were useful for jogging my memory with the techniques I had forgotten.

I ended up making around 15 hats in different colours, and even ended up mixing and matching the yarn to have contrasting bands and pom-poms. I found that I needed around 2 balls of yarn to make 3 hats.

Zion Lion Pom Gifts

Every person who I gave a hat to was really impressed and appreciated the time I took to make them a handmade gift. Many of them asked me why I haven’t set up my own business selling my creations, which is a consistent piece of feedback I have been receiving for a while now. With a busy day job, it’s hard to find the time to churn out stock. Aside from that, I wouldn’t know where to start in terms of setting up a small business on the side. If anyone has any advice about how I could get involved with local craft fairs or selling on Etsy etc., then please let me know.

Here are some of the proud new owners of my hats all looking beautiful (although I’m not sure if Gizmo approves?!):

My Beautiful Friends Keeping Warm
My Beautiful Friends Keeping Warm- From top left to bottom right: Meghan, Becky, Liv (& Gizmo) and  Jen.

I look forward to a year full of crafts and, maybe, looking at to how I can start to sell some of my creations. Please get in touch if you can recommend and useful blog posts and websites that offer any guidance.

I look forward to sharing more of my creations with you soon!